Sep 2014

Gestalt therapy at T*café

On October 3rd T*café will be facilitated by gestalt therapist Vikram Kolmannskog. He has previously facilitated transgender therapy groups in collaboration with LLH. This friday in October he will be giving us an introduction to gestalt therapy and how it can contribute to our gatherings. We will, among other things, explore how good feedback can be given, and how it's experienced. We will also be doing some easy exercises, focussing on how we can be present in ourselves and for each other.

One of the reasons why we do this now, is that there has been an increased media focus on trans lately. More attention is important. However, some of us feel that we do not fit into the norms and roles that are being portrayed.

Time: Friday 3rd October, 1700-1900.
Place: LLH Oslo Akershus / Skeiv Ungdom, Tollbugata 24, 4th floor, Oslo.

T*café is a free offer to meet the first Friday of the month for people defining themselves as trans and other people wanting to explore their gender identity. Sometimes there are invited speakers and specific topics. Social anxiety and family relations are among previous topics.