Short fiction & happy Pride!

Gay Flash Fiction just published a short text of mine, “TGV to Geneva”. I recommend reading it while listening to You Wish by N.O.W.
I hope you find the text subtly sexy. I sometimes feel the shame that society still attaches to sexuality and alternate sexuality such as gay sex in particular, but I will not let it restrict me. The publication coincides with Pride, a celebration that originates in the struggle of sexual and gender minorities. When I write - gay erotica or other texts - I will write under full name.
Happy Pride!

Including the Queer in India

Diverse strategies have been employed to advance the cause of the queer Indian movement, including litigation and social and political mobilisation.

Read more in this
post on Gaylaxy magazine or the longer paper that it builds on.

From the conclusion:

“Emancipatory potential has been found in some traditional Indian norms as well as international human rights and domestic constitutional law and used in the battle against a remnant of colonial law. Litigation, social and political mobilisation, media attention and other factors have interacted and supported each other. Litigation started without waiting for popular and media support; in stead the process and outcome itself may have helped create such support. Litigation has also ended up being unsuccessful, however, due to the judges and other factors. Even so, it may still have contributed positively to the larger social and political mobilisation, as we saw after Koushal. While the combined result of the three landmark judgments is a complex and unclear legal situation for queer Indians, overall we seem to be moving in the direction of strengthened rights in the legal as well as the wider political and social contexts.”

Gestalt therapy at T*café

On October 3rd T*café will be facilitated by gestalt therapist Vikram Kolmannskog. He has previously facilitated transgender therapy groups in collaboration with LLH. This friday in October he will be giving us an introduction to gestalt therapy and how it can contribute to our gatherings. We will, among other things, explore how good feedback can be given, and how it's experienced. We will also be doing some easy exercises, focussing on how we can be present in ourselves and for each other.

One of the reasons why we do this now, is that there has been an increased media focus on trans lately. More attention is important. However, some of us feel that we do not fit into the norms and roles that are being portrayed.

Time: Friday 3rd October, 1700-1900.
Place: LLH Oslo Akershus / Skeiv Ungdom, Tollbugata 24, 4th floor, Oslo.

T*café is a free offer to meet the first Friday of the month for people defining themselves as trans and other people wanting to explore their gender identity. Sometimes there are invited speakers and specific topics. Social anxiety and family relations are among previous topics.

Engagement - short film script

Pink Pages, an Indian LGBT magazine, has published a film script I wrote.

Engagement by Vikram Kolmannskog is a story of two young gay lovers - one Hindu and the other Muslim - and how they seek to overcome the odds they face in the small town they call home.”

And an Indian director is interested in making a film based on it!

Engagement, Pink Pages, December 2012 (Short film script)