Taste and see. A queer prayer


Together with my friend and fellow writer, Stefan Storm, I have established an Oslo-based, queer-owned publisher, Mohini Books

We are proud to present this first publication.
Taste and see is a story in the form of a poem about a gay man’s quest for love in the world of dating apps and random sex. He explores a relationship that is both spiritual and sensual. But what are we willing to do for love? What are we willing to give up?

The Empty Chair. Tales from Gestalt Therapy

Forthcoming. Pre-orderable now at karnacbooks.com or click on the image

empty chair

Stress, communication & humanitarians

There is an increasing focus on humanitarian workers and stress. In certain situations, such as humanitarian crises, people - including humanitarian workers themselves - can easily become stressed and their communication violent, which in turn may contribute to more stress and violence around them. However, this cycle can be broken with sufficient support and awareness.

At a workshop in June 2015, I facilitated self-care, group debrief and communication sessions for senior gender advisers deployed by the Norwegian Refugee Council. This paper presents and discusses their experiences of stress, communication, and Gestalt interventions.

“‘Are we becoming bullies?’ A case study of stress, communication, and Gestalt interventions among humanitarian workers,” British Gestalt Journal, Vol. 26 No. 1 (2017)

Short story: Nanima & Roger Toilet


Roger bonds with his boyfriend’s grandmother, and both become Buddha. Read the full story at Gaylaxy

Two palm trees

Two palm trees, tall, stand beautiful,
The background a pure blue, not a single cloud to tarnish it,
The two almost of equal height, with similar crowns,
A symmetry and order, it feels good,
But there’s something off,
Something slightly frustrating,
I notice they’re not entirely straight.
Then I hear myself think straight
And I start thinking of you and me and our love,
And I find another kind of beauty in these two trees,
A spaciousness and softness unnoticed till now,
Just as they stand here, queer,
And I wonder if completely straight palms exist at all.


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”Two palm trees”, Gaylaxy Magazine, 21 February 2016