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Who comes for therapy?

Everyone has potential for growth.

At some point in life many people will feel stuck and want some sort of change. It can be related to anxiety, depression, difficult life choices, spiritual or existential questions, relationship challenges or something else.

Gestalt therapy can be suitable for many different people, and I work with individuals, couples, groups and organisations.



A goal with Gestalt therapy is increased awareness. This involves knowing in an intimate, accepting way what is happening here and now, including what you are doing and how you are doing it in relation with others. When you increase your awareness of what you can bodily sense, what kind of thoughts and feelings you have, and what you observe in the outside world, you can know yourself and the world better.



In Gestalt therapy we believe in paradoxical change: You change when you become what you are - not when you force yourself or are forced by others to become something else.

“change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not”

In Gestalt therapy you get to know different aspects of yourself, including those that you may have been less aware of. With integration we become whole and flexible human beings rather than one-dimensional and rigid roles.


In dialogue

We explore together in a safe and trusting relationship.

I try to be empathetic, accepting and at the same time honest. I am actively and authentically present in the relationship with you and can choose to share my own experiences and observations.

I contribute to clarifying what is happening here and now, including what you are doing and how you are doing it together with me; thereby, we increase awareness.

We can use chair work where you play out different aspects of yourself or other significant people, guided imagination, body awareness exercises, etc.


“all living is meeting. There is no “I” which stands alone, but only the “I” of “I-It” and the “I” of “I-Thou” [...] The I-It mode is vitally necessary for living, the I-Thou for the realisation of personhood.”


A therapy sesson (60 minutes) costs 750 kr. Couples, groups and organisations can get in touch to agree on prices.

Publications & presentations

empty chair

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